Other sports

Other sports have different rules for different players.  Why shouldn’t golf?

Basketball.  The 3 point line for Pros is at 22 ft to 23.75 feet.  NCAA is at 20.75 feet.  High School is at 19.75 feet.

Half court play is popular in some areas.

Amateurs have different rules than the Pros.

Baseball.   Pros pitch 60 feet 6 inches.  Fast pitch softball is 43 to 46 feet.  Slow pitch softball is normally 50 feet.  Softball teams normally have more players that Pro teams.

Amateurs have different rules than the Pros.

Tennis  The game has changed for many Seniors to pickleball.  Although pickleball appears to be very similar to tennis, there are key differences that make pickleball more accessible to a wider range of players, particularly children and seniors. Chief among these differences is the speed of the pickleball ball which typically moves at one-third of the average speed of a tennis ball. Equally important, however, is the size of the court which is just under one-third of the total area of a tennis court. This smaller area combined with the slower moving ball makes pickleball much easier to play than tennis.


In the United States, the major forms are high school football, college football and professional football. Each of these are played under slightly different rules.

Flag football.  The sport has a strong amateur following and several national and international competitions each year sponsored by various associations.

Football has different rules for different players.

Soccer.  The official soccer rules are often modified by youth, indoor and recreational soccer leagues to make matches more fun (e.g., smaller fields), safer (e.g., no slide tackling), more evenly matched or to promote a better learning environment (for example, by playing “small sided”).

Golf, the Champions Tour.

Most of the tournaments are played over three rounds (54 holes), which is one round less than regular professional stroke play tournaments on the PGA Tour.

In 2006, the Champions Tour Division Board of the PGA Tour organization voted to allow players the option to use golf carts during most events on the tour.

Casual amateur golf.  Why should we amateur golfers be required to use all of the same rules of golf as Tiger, Phil and Bubba?  With a few changes we will be able to play faster, have more fun but still be required to choose the right club, hit the ball the in the right direction and hit it the right distance.

It’s time for the USGA to change some of the Rules of Golf for amateur golfers.


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