Thanks for viewing our site.  We are trying to encourage more people to golf and to have more fun while golfing.  We have a few goals in mind.

We strongly support the Tee it Forward initiative jointly sponsored by the PGA and USGA.  However, at most golf facilities the men have the choice of using the Blue tees, the White tees or the Gold tees.  But at most golf facilities ladies have the choice of using the Red tees, the Red tees or the Red tees.  That does not seem fair to us.  So we have included a section on how to create a new set of Forward Tees.  We hope you will encourage every golf facility you use to install a set of Forward Tees so ladies will have another option available.  They  also work nicely for other golfers as well, both young and old and in between.

While we enjoy golf every day we get to the course, we enjoy it less when the pace of play is very slow.  We do not enjoy a 5 hour round as much as a 4 hour round.  And, like many golfers, we do not always follow every “rule of golf” every day (except in tournaments).  So in an effort to help the pace of play and to add some uniformity to the modified rules we have included a section called “Modified Rules of Golf“.  These can be printed and you and/or your group can agree on which suggestions you will use.  We have included a section explaining the rules that should help you understand why we included each rule.

Our final goal is to encourage the discussion to have the USGA formally adopt separate rules of golf for amateurs.  Many other sports have different rules for Pros and other players.  Why shouldn’t golf?


Ed Beeksma

Thanks Chris for your help in creating this site.


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