Our primary goal is to improve the pace of play and to have more fun golfing.  We have some suggestions that you and your golfing friends might consider using that should allow you to play faster and have more fun on a casual day of golf.

We have included a section called the Modified rules of Golf that contains some suggestions on how golfers can play a little faster and relieve some of the frustration in golf.  If you know the Rules of Golf, play by all of them all the time, enjoy golfing that way and you can keep up with the pace of play, these are probably not for you.  But if you are on the course for a casual day of golf with friends you may want to consider using some of the Modified Rules.

The PGA has published suggestions on Guiltless Ways to Make Golf More Fun While Learning.  They suggest it is OK to golf just for fun.  Or see the Reasonable Man’s Rules of Golf where the author suggests:  “How to play a quick, casual round while staying within the spirit of the game”.

In addition we are supporting the Tee it Forward initiative by providing suggestions for Forward Tees at those golf facilities that do not offer another set of tees for golfers in front of the traditional Red Tees.

Our final goal is to encourage the USGA to formally adopt some separate rules of golf for amateurs.  Many other sports have different rules for Pros and other players.  Why shouldn’t golf?   Why shouldn’t a divot be Ground Under Repair?  If you can’t find your ball why should you have to return and hit again rather than take a penalty, drop a ball and play on?  Why is the penalty for hitting OB greater than hitting into a lake?  Why can’t an Amateur declare their ball in a bunker an unplayable lie, take their penalty and drop out of bunker?  Why don’t the Rules of Golf allow gimmies when the USGA Handicap Manual does?

Thanks for your help, particularly if you are willing to support Forward Tees.  Play well and have fun.

Ed Beeksma

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  1. jim says:

    I like, it I hope it catches on, see you at the green tees, i like the web page

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